environmental control

Cost Effective Environmental Control

Client: Office Furniture Manufacturer

Product: SteelSpan “All-in-One” Wall System - 30’ Tall with High Speed Door and Conveyor Cutouts

Benefits Provided:

  • Quick installation with minimal disruption to plant
  • Less expensive than traditional construction
  • Integrated with existing roof and equipment
freestanding wall partition

Freestanding Walls

Client: Ford

Product: OmniFlex 300 Freestanding Wall System with Steel Fire & Sound Wall Panels and Windows

Benefits Provided:

  • Created partitioned process area
  • Showcase new technology and process
  • Utilized existing lighting, HVAC and fire suppression systems
  • Pre-engineered design: Ford’s maintenance staff installed
  • Flexibility to take down and re-purpose at a future date
floor to ceiling wall partition

Full Glass Wall Partitions

Client: Fitzgerald Trucking

Product: OmniFlex Vinyl Fire and Sound (8-1/2’ tall)

Benefits Provided:

  • Reduced debris and installation timeframe by ordering pre-cut panels
  • Flexibilaity to reconfigure if needs change
  • Installation completed during normal business hours
industrial wall partitions

Freestanding Industrial Wall Partitions

Client: AeroVironment, Inc.

Product: OmniFlex with Freestanding Wall Panels

Benefits Provided:

  • Segregated Work Areas
  • Provided Visibility Into Work Areas
  • Lower Cost than Standard Furniture Alternative
  • Custom Painted to Match Existing Structures
tall wall partitions

Medical Equipment Packaging Enclosure

Client: Crown Cork & Steel

Product: SteelSpan (28' tall)

Benefits Provided:

  • Divided packaging area from the rest of the facility.
  • Contained noise and particles.
  • Operator could oversee production from outside of packaging area.
bulletin board wall

Separation Wall & Bulletin Board

Client: Hyundai North America

Product: OmniFlex

Benefits Provided:

  • Separated space
  • Provided meeting area
  • Provided posting vehicle
free standing wall partitions

Free-Standing Wall Partitions

Client: Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp.

Product: OmniFlex (76 Linear Feet & 80" tall)

Benefits Provided:

  • Separated manufacturing space
  • Aided in achieving FDA compliance
  • Blended well with existing partitions
steel span photo

Demising Walls for Plant Separation

Client: PIM Brands, LLC

Product: SteelSpan Wall System (30 foot tall)

Benefits Provided:

  • Separation of manufacturing and distribution areas
  • Fast installation
  • Compliance with local building codes