PortaFab's modular building systems are ideal for constructing rooms and buildings within facilities to control the flow of parts, tools, and other valuable items used in daily operations. Modular rooms provide environmental control and limit access to authorized personnel.


Modular Storage Rooms for Your Facility

Rooms are often outfitted with roll-up doors and counters to aid in servicing employees. Climate control and more sophisticated fan filtration units can also be integrated for areas that require added environmental control.

Utilizing PortaFab's "Quick-Ship" line, parts and storage control rooms can be quickly and efficiently integrated into any existing facility. 

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Case Studies

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Case in Point #1

A global technology equipment company was looking to expand its operation without adding to its facility. By incorporating a storage mezzanine with enclosed space beneath it, our client was able to increase its space with a minimal investment. 

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Case in Point #2

A pharmaceutical company located in Minneapolis required a secured enclosure within their facility to house controlled substances and other sensitive products. The organization had limited space within their facility, and an open area at the top of a mezzanine appeared to be the only area available to create the enclosure.

CMM Room Measuring Machine, modular control room, modular control rooms

Case in Point #3

Tony Brannon, a manager at BMW Manufacturing's facility in Spartanburg, South Carolina, had an enormous inventory control responsibility on his hands. He needed a secure, climate-controlled area to stock more than 11,000 items.  It needed to be installed with minimal disruption and have the flexibility to moves or expand in the future.

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