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Prefabricated Modular Building Systems For Interior Applications

Leading Manufacturer Of Modular Inplant Offices & Cleanrooms

PortaFab offers modular building products that are easy to customize, along with expert engineering support and local installation teams to help you meet your needs quickly and affordably. Our modular building solutions are incredibly flexible and can be used to construct various structures faster, with less mess, and in an environmentally friendly way. With over 40 years of experience, we are a trusted manufacturer of modular wall and ceiling systems that have been used to create millions of square feet of enclosed space in North America.

quick-ship office placed in a large warehouse setting

Quick-Ship Offices

Quick-Ship offices from PortaFab are prefab office spaces that can be shipped in a little as 5 days of your order. They come as 2, 3 or 4-wall buildings in 30 standard sizes.

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a Portafab enclosure inside a large office space

Modular Offices & Buildings

PortaFab's large variety of interchangeable, load-bearing wall systems are ideal for creating all types of buildings within buildings.

Explore Modular Offices
a contained cleanroom environment within a larger facility

Modular Cleanrooms

PortaFab’s modular wall and ceiling systems are ideal for creating all types of controlled environments from creating standalone cleanrooms to Clean / Dry Rooms and Fab Rooms.

Explore Modular Cleanrooms
floor to ceiling wall partitions create a separated space on a large warehouse floor

Warehouse Partitions

Our wall partitions provide a flexible solution to separating plant space, providing environmental control, or to create designated work areas within a manufacturing facility.

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an outdoor prefabricated booth used a a security shed

Booths & Shelters

PortaFab manufactures a complete line of booths and shelters featuring a heavy-duty welded aluminum framework. Long-lasting and durable, they even have solar powered options.

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indoor enclosure to both protect delicate machinery from dirt and elements, and protect workers from machine hazards

Machine Enclosures

Need environmental control from noise, temperature, humidity, and particulates? Our systems can be tailored to achieve the environmental conditions you require.

Explore Machine Enclosures

Solutions for Unlimited Applications

Anything is possible with the extensive selection, interchangeability of parts, and wide variety of modular building components that are available from PortaFab. From improving efficiency to ensuring workforce comfort, see what you can build with PortaFab’s Modular Inplant Office and Cleanroom Systems.

Our modular building systems are ideal for creating everything from inplant offices and meeting rooms to 2-story inplant buildings and mezzanine-mounted structures that help you maximize your space.

From achieving basic control over humidity, dust, and temperature to creating entire building envelopes for the most critical cleanroom environments, PortaFab’s line of modular cleanroom systems and accessories can be used to provide effective control in virtually any environment.

PortaFab’s extensive line of modular wall systems provides unmatched value and versatility across a wide variety of applications. Our customers partition office space, segregate production facilities, subdivide data centers and more.

PortaFab’s modular building systems are ideal for applications that range from enclosures that protect sensitive equipment to climate-controlled booths that help keep workers safe and comfortable while on the job.

PortaFab’s standard hardwall cleanrooms offer a simplified solution for cleanroom design and build applications. Less time to design. Less cost to build. More flexibility.

Explore Hardwall Cleanrooms

In-House Engineering

Whether you need to integrate a high-speed roll up door, create a load-bearing second story or figure out how to control temperature and humidity, PortaFab’s team of more than 10 degreed engineers experienced in modular design can help.

Unmatched Selection

With the most extensive product line in the industry, PortaFab can mix and match various components from its line of inplant office systems, XTRA TALL wall systems, and cleanroom systems to ensure that your space is designed and manufactured in the most cost-effective manner.

We offer a range of CAD and Revit files, making it easier for you to integrate our interior building solutions into your projects.

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