Electrical & Lighting

PortaFab modular offices and inplant buildings are designed to accommodate standard electrical components and fluorescent light fixtures. OmniFlex, Series 300, P2000, and all PortaMax systems feature studs with wiring raceways that make installing electrical, voice, and data systems easy. For even greater convenience, offices can be outfitted with a pre-engineered "Snap Together" modular wiring system.

Snap Together Modular Wiring System

PortaFab has developed a modular wiring package that outfits your in-plant office with everything it needs for simple installation. All outlet boxes, switches, wiring, and conduit fit neatly into the studs of the framing system with removable cover plates for wiring access while recessed fluorescent light fixtures integrate seamlessly with the ceiling grid system. Optional pre-wired circuit breaker boxes for your particular design can be included so that an electrician is only needed to hook up the power source to the breaker box.

Modular Wiring System Modular Wiring System

1Circuit Breaker Box

2240v Converter Cable

3120v Converter Cable

42' x 4' Recessed Light Fixture

5120v Lighting Fixture Cable

6120v Lighting Extender Cable

7Modular Climate Control

8240v Dedicated Receptacle Drop

9120v Duplex Receptacle Drop

10120v Extender Cable

11120v Switch Drop

Lower Total Cost
Unlike traditional wiring methods which are labor intensive and require extensive involvement from electricians, modular wiring systems snap together in a fraction of the time so all the electrician has to do is bring the power to the circuit breaker box and connect the circuits to the breakers.

With pre-wired fixtures and PNLs, the modular electric package can be reconfigured and reused in the future if a change to the building design is required.

modular electric components3-Way Modular Switching
Ideal for larger offices, the system can be configured to provide switches for multiple points of entry.

Reduced Installation Time
The pre-engineered system can typically be fully integrated and running in much less time than conventional electric. Not only does this provide a 75-80% savings in time, but it makes it easier to coordinate the entire installation project between field technicians.

Safety & Reliability
All components are factory tested and comply with UL183 (standard for manufactured wiring systems) and NEC 604 requirements. Plus, the simple "snap together" technology eliminates potential installation errors caused by field electricians.

Tax Advantages
Since modular systems are considered capital equipment, there are certain tax advantages to building with modular components.

Environmentally Friendly
The modular wiring system is a greener solution than traditional wiring. It minimizes construction waste while maximizing productivity, reusability, and the use of recycled materials. It is an ideal solution those looking to maximize LEED points.

Optional prewired circuit breaker boxes for your particular design can be included so that an electrician is only needed to hook up the power source to the breaker box.

Standard voltages include 120, 240 & 277.

Click here to view the modular electric wiring installation instructions.


Standard Electrical Components

Standard electrical and lighting components include 2' x 4' fluorescent lights with recessed troffers, outlets and switches and circuit breaker boxes. Optional electrical components available.