As the demand for electric vehicles and lithium batteries continues to surge, so do the challenges faced by battery manufacturers. Controlling temperature, humidity, and maintaining Clean / Dry Room environments are critical factors for efficient and high-quality battery production.

At PortaFab, we specialize in providing modular construction solutions tailored to the needs of the EV and lithium battery industry. Our Clean / Dry Room wall and ceiling systems are designed to establish a suitable environment for your process by helping you to:

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Achieve Optimal Dew Point Temperature

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Achieve Optimal ISO Class

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Manage Temperature

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Manage Energy Efficiency

maximize product yields

Maximize Product Yields

Our specialty designed Clean / Dry Room solutions significantly allow control of temperature, humidity and particulates ensuring a controlled manufacturing environment that safeguards the integrity of your battery production.

faster and cost-efficient installation

Faster & Cost-Efficient Installation

Our systems are designed to stand independently without relying on other structures for support. Paired with our heavy-duty ceiling grid, our systems allow long clear spans before a roof beam is required and minimizes the number of tie points required for a faster and lower cost install.

streamlined maintenance

Streamlined Maintenance

Our removable panel system simplifies tool install and maintenance processes, enhancing the overall efficiency of your operations. Our approach includes planning, designing, and integrating service, equipment, and utility panel wall penetrations during the manufacturing process.

cleanroom design

Cleanroom Design

PortaFab offers Cleanroom solutions designed specifically for battery manufacturing. Our Cleanrooms address the precision, contamination control, and safety needs of the industry. They are customizable and modular, allowing battery manufacturers to adapt to changing processes. The rapid installation minimizes downtime, while regulatory compliance ensures safety and quality. Energy-efficient features align with sustainability goals, and specialized accessories enhance functionality.


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Expert Support


PortaFab's in-house engineers and project management team supports battery manufacturers from design to installation, facilitating efficient and high-quality battery production.

Clean / Dry Room

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