Standard & Customizable

Each booth is outfitted with its own circuit breaker box, outlets and switched. All conduit and wiring is surface mounted and installed in compliance with the National Electrical Code using components bearing the UL label.

  1. Pull chain or light switch depending on the number of fixtures
  2. Single-phase 100-amp capacity load center with 70-amp main and 3 circuit breakers
  3. Booths are outfitted with 110-volt 15-amp duplex outlets and a 220-volt 20-amp single outlet as specified
  4. Each booth is equipped with (24” or 48”) overhead lighting features. Smaller booths feature a single light while larger booths have up to 4 light fixtures.
  5. Spotlights can be added to the exterior of the booth. Spotlights are weatherproof & multi-positional.