As a leading designer and supplier of cleanroom wall and ceiling systems, PortaFab offers a number of helpful articles on cleanroom environments, specification and classification, and cleanroom regulations.

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Understanding Cleanroom Environments

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What Is A Cleanroom?

What exactly is a cleanroom? Read about cleanrooms, ISO classification, contamination, and more.

controlled environment vs cleanroom

What's a Controlled Environment?

"Do I need a cleanroom, or just a "cleaner" room?" Read about the differences and applications for both.

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Cleanroom FAQs

Get answers to common cleanroom design, construction and specification questions in our cleanroom FAQ section.

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Cleanroom Design, Specification, & Construction

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Cleanroom Design

The types of cleanroom designs that are available as well as information on airflow design.

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Cleanroom Classification

How is cleanroom classification measured and how to determine the classification needed.

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Cleanroom Materials

Criteria for determining the most efficient/cost-effective cleanroom construction technique.

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Cleanroom Construction

These are the project steps in the design and construction of a cleanroom.


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Cleanroom Regulations

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Bio-Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Design Guidelines

A very informative article specifying the design and construction of cleanrooms for housing bio-pharmaceutical processes.

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Effect of ISO Standards on Microelectronics Cleanroom Design

The seven parts of ISO 14644 that govern how cleanrooms are identified, designed, constructed, tested, and operated.

modular cleanroom for pharma

USP 797 Pharmaceutical Labs & Sterile Compounding Regulations

USP 797 is a far-reaching regulation that applies to health care institutions, pharmacies, physicians practice facilities, and other facilities in which compound sterile preparations are prepared, stored, and dispensed.

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