Wall Partitions for Environmental Control

Controlling environmental conditions in an entire industrial facility can be costly and difficult. Utilizing our line of wall partition systems, critical environments can be constructed quickly and easily to house specific manufacturing or assembly processes, thus reducing the expense of maintaining control over the entire facility.

Our modular wall systems are ideal for building environmental enclosures to house machinery, safely store equipment, contain specific processes and other end-applications, including:

  • Injection Molding Rooms
  • Equipment Enclosures
  • Quality Control & Inspection Rooms
  • Packaging Areas
  • Paint Process Enclosures
  • Powder Coating Rooms
  • Printing Rooms
  • Inspection Rooms
  • Parts Finishing Areas

Do you need to maintain greater control over environmental conditions like air quality, humidity and temperature? Manufacturing facilities across the nation have turned to PortaFab in order to create quality environmental enclosures that;

  • Improve product quality
  • Maintain product and process consistency
  • Increase product yield
  • Increase customer base

Whether you need to contain processes, enclose machinery or to adhere to regulations governing safety and quality, we have a solution. Contact PortaFab today.