Machine Enclosures

PortaFab's machine enclosures provide environmental control from noise, temperature, humidity and particulates. Whether you need a cleanroom to house an injection molding machine making medical products or simply want to reduce noise pollution caused by machinery in your plant, we have a solution.

  • Printing Equipment
  • Injection Molding Machines
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM)
  • Process Control or Containment

Complete Customization and Control

All of our industrial enclosures can be environmentally controlled to maximize performance by protecting sensitive equipment from harsh plant environments using a wide range of modular options and accessories.

Durable Panels: Modular wall systems are available in a number of panel finishes including vinyl, painted steel, aluminum, PVC, or a fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) finish that protects against damage and scratches from pallet jacks and other moving equipment.

Temp. & Noise Control: We offer a wide selection of wall systems to provide acoustical barriers and temperature control while our panelized roof structures further our ability to provide additional insulation and sound control.

Oversized Doors: We can also accommodate oversized roll-up or bi-parting doors to facilitate the movement of large equipment and materials in and out of the controlled environment.

Extra Tall Walls: For housing large calibration or processing equipment, PortaFab offers a number of extra tall wall systems that can be incorporated into the design of any equipment enclosure.

The Modular Advantage

The modular nature of PortaFab's machinery enclosures ensures that rooms can be reconfigured and moved with no loss of materials investment. The modular components assemble in a fraction of the time needed for conventional construction and often qualify as capital equipment, enabling accelerated depreciation over traditional construction.