PortaFab’s modular wall systems are ideal for creating warehouse divider walls (also referred to as demising walls) quickly and cost effectively due to the minimal waste and shorter installation time frame compared to traditional construction materials. Plus, the modular design allows these demising wall systems to be moved or relocated quickly, easily and inexpensively.


Our demising walls are a practical and effective way to separate or create distinct spaces within a warehouse or a large, open space.

  • PortaFab's demising walls can span great lengths in order to divide an entire manufacturing plant into separate areas.

  • PortaFab's demising walls can reach heights of 8' to 50'+.

  • PortaFab's demising walls can completely enclose an area to create temperature and humidity controlled enclosures.

  • PortaFab's demising walls can be used to create free-standing structures without a ceiling to take advantage of existing lighting and fire protection.


warehouse demising wall

What Is A Demising Wall?

A demising wall is a type of partition wall that is used to divide a large industrial building or warehouse into smaller, separate spaces to serve a range of functional and regulatory purposes. These walls can be used to separate different parts of a facility, such as storage areas, manufacturing spaces, or office areas, and they can help to prevent unauthorized access or the mixing of different types of materials or products.


Key Benefits of a Demising Wall:

There are several benefits to using a demising wall, including:

  • Security: Demising walls can provide a high level of security by separating different parts of a facility or building and preventing unauthorized access. Our wall systems can also integrate with access control doors and interlock control systems.

  • Privacy: Demising walls can create a sense of privacy and help to reduce distractions by separating different areas or activities within a facility.

  • Organization: Demising walls can help to create a more organized and efficient workspace by separating different functions or activities.

  • Tenant Division: In a multi-tenant space, the demising wall may be used to divide the larger space into individual units.

  • Aesthetic appeal: Demising walls can be used to create a more visually appealing facility or building by dividing it into smaller, more cohesive areas. 

  • HVAC Separation: Demising walls can be used to separate heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems between different areas of the building. 
  • Sound insulation: Demising walls can help to reduce noise levels by blocking sound from one area to another. This can be especially useful in office environments or other settings where concentration and noise levels are important.

  • Flexibility: Demising walls can be easily moved or reconfigured as needed, making them a flexible option for dividing space. 
xtra-tall demising wall in manufacturing plant

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PortaFab's XTRA-TALL Demising Walls

When large spaces in your facility or warehouse need to be divided from floor to ceiling, we offer several XTRA-TALL demising wall systems that are ideal for creating temporary walls or permanent enclosures to enhance environmental control, workflow efficiency, or to improve throughput.

Due to their prefabricated design, these modular wall systems integrate easily with one another as well as with the existing building’s structure. They can also be installed quickly and with less mess, compared to traditional construction materials.


Featured Demising Wall Images

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