Windows are an integral part of any modular office design and the proper window system can help create a more open and engaging atmosphere, make spaces more environmentally friendly or add to aesthetics to the work space.

Windows can be made in a variety of sizes including our popular "Full-View" option.

Standard Windows

These economical windows from our line of inplant offices include fixed windows that measure either 4' or 2' wide by 3' high and sliding windows that measure 3' x 3'. The center glass is mounted in the middle of the window frame to provide exceptional support and durability for industrial environments.

Applications: These windows are ideal for any industrial, in-plant or manufacturing setting.

standard window style

Beveled Windows

Designed specifically for cleanroom applications, the absence of a ledge on this window makes it easier to clean while the design eliminates corners that often collect dust, particles, and other micro organisms. It is a cost effective alternative to double flush window systems that often require two separate pieces of glass and this design helps with achieving FDA compliance.

Applications: These windows are ideal for controlled and cleanroom environments where dust or particulates need to be minimized.

Flush Windows

Windows are mounted into the wall system to provide a completely flush surface. They can be coated to minimize any air flow disruption, and can also be integrated into return air walls. Insulated glass units or double flush glazing can be easily incorporated into most designs.

Applications: The reduction of a ledge makes this design ideal for critical and cleanroom environments requiring extensive environmental control.

flush windows

Double Flush Windows

Similar to the Flush Window above, these windows are designed for interior wall applications that require flush surfaces. The double flush window system provides and attractive appearance and two completely flush surfaces on both sides of the wall.

Applications: Ideal for cleanroom and critical environments requiring flush surfaces on both sides of a wall.

Glazing Options

All standard windows feature 1/4" clear tempered safety glass, but we also o er several custom glazing options, including:

  • Laminated glass for added sound control
  • Insulated glass for better thermal insulation
  • Wire glass
  • Laser glass
  • UV glass
  • And much more

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