Design and Installation Resources

Below are some resources to help you with the initial design/layout of your modular office, as well as some information on installation and specification of your building.

Design Configurations

modular building design drawingWith design configurations for two, three or four walled buildings, one to two story offices, or offices on mezzanines, PortaFab's prefabricated buildings can be configured to fit into virtually any space. View examples of our primary design configurations.

Design Assistance

We've been helping companies utilize plant space more effectively for decades and we are happy to have our design team review your needs to come up with the best solution for your specific application. Visit our Design page for assistance with the design/layout of your building or fill out our Request Design Assistance form.

Installation Instructions

We are confident that our distributor network is the finest in the industry and that with over 500 of them on our team, we are sure to have an expert in your area that can aid in designing, specifying, and installing the best modular system for your needs.

If you will be installing, assembling, or relocating your modular office without the help of one of our distributors, you can download this Installation Brochure for guidance.

Specifying Guide

Visit this page to spec out the design requirements for your new building or application.

Packing and Shipping

Visit this page for information on the packing and shipping details of our modular office systems.