PortaFab's modular wall systems are well-suited for partitioning industrial equipment for safety. Whether it's lasers or robotic automation, our laser safety enclosures fulfill the necessary criteria for maintaining light-tight safety measures, while also allowing for control over temperature, humidity, noise, dust, smoke, or fumes.

Each enclosure features laser-rated panels and secured viewing windows tailored to your specific requirements. Laser safety enclosures can also integrate with access control doors and interlock control systems.


High Powered Laser Safety Enclosures

Our laser safety enclosures meet international laser safety standards. They are ideally suited for Amada laser cutting systems and for the following applications:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive & EV
  • Industrial
  • Research & Development


enclosure for an amada laser cutting system

Versatile Laser Barriers for Enhanced Safety & Environmental Control

PortaFab's laser barriers can be fully enclosed, ensuring maximum safety and greater environmental control. Alternatively, they can also be roofless, allowing for the utilization of existing HVAC and lighting systems within the facility.

cleanroom chase walls - chase walls for a cleanroom - cleanroom systems - cleanroom design systems - things to consider when designing a cleanroom

Modular Laser Workstations

PortaFab's industrial wall partitions are ideal for housing laser workstations and serving as a protective barrier for personnel outside of the enclosures from the laser process.


  • Fire retardant wall panels
  • An open design that can utilize existing lighting and sprinkler systems
  • Laser safety glass windows where required
modular laser cabin

Laser Cabins

Laser-safe cabins are ideal for high-powered laser applications.

Can feature laser safe components:

  • Safety systems
  • Automated and manual doors
  • Active and passive windows

The PortaFab Advantage

Industry Standards

PortaFab's industrial wall partitions meet the industry's requirement of supporting a lateral load of 5 lbs per square inch for walls exceeding 60 inches in height.


Non-Progressive, Standalone Wall System

Our modular wall systems can be easily reconfigured or moved to a new location. They are also designed to stand on their own and are not dependent on any other structure for support.


Fully Customizable

Our systems can be fully customized and configured with various components, including load-bearing capabilities, roofless designs, climate control systems, electrical and lighting provisions, and more.


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