Shelving & Drawer Options

interior booth shelf

Interior Shelf

An interior shelf is 16” deep and ships installed. The shelf is a gray high pressure laminate. Units up to 48” wide come with the shelf as a standard. A metal storage drawer or cash drawer can be installed under the shelf if required.

exterior booth shelf

Exterior Shelf

Shelving can be added to one or multiple sides of a building for customer convenience. Exterior shelves can be added to the product in the accessories area while ordering a quote.

booth metal drawer for cash and storage

Metal Storage Drawer

A very common accessory added to booths, metal storage drawers can be added to any of PortaFab’s standard booth sizes.

These drawers have the option of being equipped for cash transactions with a money shelf inside the drawer or the locking drawer can be used for non cash storage as well.

pass through transaction drawer for booths

Thru Wall Transaction Drawer

The thru wall transaction drawer features a medium sized transaction drawer in order to enable cash transactions or transfer of products.

The steel drawer opens and closes from the inside in order to create a secure transfer for the attendant within the booth. Transaction drawers are outfitted underneath a window on a panel wall of a booth.