Data Center Wall Partitions

With decades of experience helping clients design, specify and install environmental enclosures, PortaFab’s vast assortment of modular components offers a direct solution for the environmental needs and security requirements of colocation data centers.

Our pre-engineered modular components allow you to construct reliable multi-tenant housings within your data center for ultimate security, or to create hot aisle and cool aisle configurations for data center cooling and energy efficiency.

Enclosures for Physical Security

If physical security within the data center is your ultimate goal, our prefabricated modular wall systems can be used to create secured building enclosures inside of a data center to house your private servers. 

These reliable multi-tenant or single-tenant housings are built to meet the security needs of various businesses, including the secured storage of:

  • Financial records
  • Medical records (including the needs of HIPPA compliant servers)
  • Government records
  • Credit card processing information

Learn more about Data Center Physical Security.

Energy Efficiency & Green Designs

Looking for a green data center design? If energy efficiency is your goal, our modular enclosures can be arranged in a variety of hot aisle and cool aisle configurations in order to reduce energy use and consumption, providing valuable savings on energy and electricity costs.

  • Contain temperature with curtain walls.
  • Funnel airflow with hot and cold aisle designs.
  • Direct hot air through the ceiling with our Extra-Tall wall systems

Learn more about Green Data Center designs.

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