Any area where lasers are used needs to be partitioned from the rest of a facility for safety reasons. However, sometimes building fully enclosed laser rooms is not an economical decision because it means rerouting HVAC duct work and running new electricity.

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Industry Standards

Laser enclosures can also be made with industrial wall partitions. The partitions meet the industry’s standard 5lbs per lateral load for walls over 60 inches.

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OmniFlex Wall System

Integrating with the OmniFlex wall system, the steel free standing wall supports can be installed virtually anywhere without needing to integrate with a load bearing wall.

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And the wall partitions can be customized with almost any panel type to help meet the standards needed for the specific laser enclosure.


Case Studies

cross-section diagram of insulated booth wall

Case in Point #1

The client required the construction of a structure to house their laser workstations, which would serve as a protective barrier for personnel outside of the enclosures from the laser process. To meet their requirements, PortaFab delivered the following:

  • Walls made of fire retardant materials
  • An open design that could utilize existing lighting and sprinkler systems
  • Laser safety glass windows where required
example of wall cutouts for ventilation or placement of existing HVAC system

Case in Point #2

In an effort to help this manufacture of laser equipment provide a deployable, modular enclosure as part of the package they supplied their clients, PortaFab’s engineering team worked with the client and dealer to developed a design that would accomplish its goals.

  • Custom fabricated 2 ½" thick walls to accommodate the client's custom ½" safety panel required for the enclosure.
  • Engineered the integration of client-supplied, 15' x 9'2" top hung sliding doors.
  • Provided special framed cutouts to account for specific process penetrations.

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