PortaFab + Laservision

Laser Safety Cabins

The Laser Cabin is a cutting-edge, modular enclosure designed by PortaFab and Laservision to enhance precision, safety, and efficiency in your high-powered laser applications.

If you operate a high-powered laser machine, this is the ultimate solution for creating a laser safety barrier. Specifically designed for:

  • Amada Machine Tools
  • Multi-Kilowatt Industrial Lasers
  • laser cabin
  • laser cabin
  • laser cabin

Key Features of Laser Cabins

Many of our Laser Cabins feature automated door solutions (vertical or horizontal), or automated turntable/shutter door options for safe and efficient part insertion. Take a look inside!


Customization Options

Active Windows

Automated Doors

Interlock Systems

Camera / Video Systems




The Power of Collaboration

PortaFab, a leading manufacturer of modular building systems, brings its expertise in structural design and engineering to the table. Laservision, a leader in laser safety equipment, contributes its unparalleled knowledge in laser safety solutions. Together, we have developed a product that seamlessly combines the best of both worlds.

When you choose a Laser Cabin, you’re opting for a solution that goes above and beyond.


How to Request a Quote

Ready to elevate your laser applications with precision and safety? Fill out the online form below to request more information about our Laser Cabins.

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