In addition to the standard booth options and accessories, there are additional accessories that can be added to any booth including:

exterior booth spotlights


One to four spotlights can be added to the exterior of the structure so that it can be used during the dark.

booth intercom system

Intercom System

Intercom systems can be added to fixed windows in order to enable conversations without creating a hole in the window like is done with the ticket windows.

booth trash containers

Trash Containers

Trash containers can be shipped within the booth to be delivered and set up at the time of installation.

wall-mount butt concealing container

Wall-Mount Butt Concealing Container

To keep butts out of sight, this container has a split-top bowl with a lever that empties the butts into its removable receptacle. Container has a Type 304 stainless steel housing and split-top bowl. The receptacle is aluminum. Mounting fasteners are included. 9.5” Diam. (9”Ht x10”Dp)