With PortaMax tall modular walls, you can effectively divide your plant space from floor-to-roof or create freestanding inplant buildings taller and stronger than ever before possible with modular construction. PortaMax walls give you exactly the enclosed space you need to control dust, temperature, humidity, noise and other environmental factors.

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PortaMax S-Series XTRA-TALL Framing System


Steel Framing System

PortaMax is moveable, reusable, and designed to connect to either an overhead steel structure or as a self contained, free-standing structure with a roof deck.

S-Series Wall Section

  • For Industrial applications
  • 4-5/8” and 6” Thickness
  • Extended heights and higher ceilings
  • Large clear span and better insulation
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Modular Flexibility with PortaMax S-Series

Non-progressive construction allows for the easy removal of individual panels without disturbing adjacent panels. Just remove necessary wall sections to move equipment into completed units and replace in a fraction of the time needed in a conventional built facility.

Wiring Studs
Removable "snap-in" cover plates allow for wiring capabilities and easy inspection of raceways without affecting the structural integrity of the stud.

Increased wall height allows you to create floor to roof systems or achieve specific clearance for machinery or ceiling plenums to conceal and house equipment. Wall panels feature a variety of core materials and panel finishes for meeting specific requirements for acoustic and thermal insulation, chemical resistance, and static control.

Load Bearing
The PortaMax system is designed to support many types of roof loading. Design criteria can include man loads, 2-story, roof-mounted HVAC and duct work, and storage loads. Please consult factory for specific needs.

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Additional Benefits - Why modular?

  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Little to No Maintenance Required
  • Reduced Construction Cost
  • Reduced Design Time
  • Tax Advantages
  • Environmentally Friendly

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