PortaMax S-Series XTRA TALL Wall System

458S & 600S Industrial Wall Partitions

PortaMax S-SeriesWith PortaMax 458S & 600S XTRA-TALL modular walls, you can effectively and economically divide your plant space - from floor to roof - or when used with roof deck, to create freestanding in-plant buildings taller and stronger than ever before possible with modular construction.

Non-progressive construction allows easy removal of individual panels without disturbing adjacent panels. Just remove necessary wall sections to move equipment into completed units and replace in a fraction of the time needed in a conventionally built facility.

PortaMax gives you exactly the enclosed space you need to control dust, temperature, humidity, noise and other environmental needs.

PortaMax S


"Fire and Sound" Industrial Partitions

PortaMaxPortaMax systems are available with a variety of wall panels including our popular Steel Fire & Sound option. These non-combustible panels are constructed of polystyrene insulating core sealed between 1/2" gypsum panels, laminated to 24-gauge steel with a polyester baked enamel finish. They are the perfect wall partitions for industrial applications.


PortaMax 458S

Thickness: 4-⅝" thick
Height: 24'
Load-bearing: Yes

PortaMax 600S

Thickness: 6" thick
Height: 35'
Load-bearing: Yes

PortaMax S


modular framing colorsStandard colors are champagne, gray and white. Optional colors can be ordered.

Locally-sourced installation due to our extensive dealer network.

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