PortaFab’s OmniFlex wall system integrates with the free standing wall support component to create self supporting walls virtually anywhere. And meeting the 5 lb. per lateral load requirement for walls over 60”, these walls are sturdier than standard office wall partitions and can stand up to wear and tear.

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The OmniFlex System

For office or industrial spaces, free standing walls can be more effective than traditional walls for a variety of reasons including:

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Reduced installation time and less disruption to work space.

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Reduced cost and materials.

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Integrates with existing light and HVAC designs.

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More durable than traditional office partitions.

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Wall Support

Innovative modular design allows walls to incorporate a variety of composite wall panels with or without windows.

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Cornice Mold

The 14 gauge steel top cap helps provide durability and support for even the toughest industrial applications.

floor track detail image

Floor Track

PortaFab’s freestanding walls feature a heavy-duty, 24 gauge floor track that integrates seamlessly with our OmniFlex wall system.

floor anchor detail image

Floor Anchor

Provides necessary stability to meet 5 lb. per square foot load requirement.

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