PortaFab's modular wall panels offer a versatile and cost-effective solution for constructing walls in a variety of settings. Their ease of installation, customizability, and durability make them a popular choice for architects and companies.

Easy to Install

Our modular wall and ceiling systems feature a “Post-and-Panel” design that reduces construction time from weeks to days... or even hours. 

Plus, our pre-engineered systems require less project coordination and fewer tradespeople on-site. The majority of fabrication occurs in our facility in a controlled environment where we can achieve better economies of scale and more consistent quality. 

View the time-lapse video of a basic installation.

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Panel Options

Modular wall panels are prefabricated panels that are used to construct walls. Our wall panels can be made from different materials depending on your application and can be easily assembled and disassembled. 


Fire & Sound Wall Panels

Our most popular solution is our Fire & Sound family of wall panels featuring three engineered composite panels specifically designed to excel in industrial and commercial environments. These panels comply with most building and fire codes and feature the durability, flexibility, appearance and performance synonymous with the PortaFab name.

All Fire & Sound panels feature a solid composite construction that significantly outperforms stick-built walls. Plus, their non-progressive design allows them to be  easily moved, relocated, or replaced as needed without affecting the integrity of the existing structure.

Watch the Video

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Fire & Sound Panel Options

From our vinyl covered wall panels ideal for light industrial applications to our ultra-durable 1-sided and 2-sided steel-faced options, Fire & Sound panels are ideal for many environments.

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Fire & Sound

Our standard Fire & Sound panel features a durable, yet cost effective, 6-millimeter vinyl surface ideal for light industrial applications. It is easy-to-clean and available in our 5-Day "Quick Ship" Program.

  • ½” Vinyl-faced gypsum
  • 2" Polystyrene
  • ½” Vinyl-faced gypsum
steel fire and sound wall panel illustration

Steel Fire & Sound

Steel Fire & Sound wall panels feature steel surfaces on one side or two sides of our standard Fire & Sound panel. They are ideal for protecting against damage in high traffic areas where forklifts, hand carts or other types of equipment operate.

  • Face: 24-gauge steel
  • Substrate: ½” gypsum
  • Core: Polystyrene
  • Substrate: ½” gypsum
  • Back: 24-gauge steel
frp fire and sound panel illustration

FRP Fire & Sound

FRP Fire & Sound wall panels feature fiberglass reinforced plastic sheet on both sides of the panel to ensure complete protection and superior cleanability. These panels are often specified for applications in the food and medical industries.

  • Face: FRP .030"
  • Substrate: ½” gypsum
  • Core: Polystyrene
  • Substrate: ½” gypsum
  • Back: FRP .030"
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Other Panel Options

PortaFab wall panels can be customized with different types of facing materials to ensure that your panels are properly designed and protected for your application. Listed below are three popular options that are ideally suited for most industries. 

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FRP Thermal

This type of panel facing provides a durable, cleanable surface that is ideal for modular office applications as well as other light industrial and commercial applications that do not require more durable facings. 

steel thermal wall panel illustration

Steel Thermal

Steel-faced panels are ideal for applications that require extensive, thorough cleaning, or industrial applications that require the use of heavy machinery that would damage a non-steel panel.

aluminum honeycomb wall panel illustration

Aluminum Honeycomb

Commonly specified for cleanroom applications, these lightweight, high-strength, easy-to-clean composite panels are moisture resistant, corrosion resistant and noncombustible. 

steel sound with mineral wool wall panel illustration

Steel Sound (Mineral Wool)

The Steel Sound panel features a mineral wool core sandwiched between two layers of gypsum faced with steel on each side.  These panels provide excellent sound and thermal control.

hollow cavity wall panel illustration

Hollow Cavity

Hollow Cavity panels allow several unique opportunities that included dedicated pathways for wiring, air flow channels for recirculation, superior non-combustibility & more.

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With access to virtually unlimited core materials and face skins, our in-house engineering and production teams can manufacture composite wall panels to your specific requirements.

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Wall Panels by Function

Listed below are several common functions that PortaFab modular wall panels are often implemented in.

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Sound Deadening

PortaFab offers several wall panels that provide excellent sound attenuation and are ideal in applications where large machinery is in use, or controlling the noise levels of an office environment is important.

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For applications that require more robust insulation, PortaFab provides several industry leading options such as Steel Thermal, FRP Thermal, and additional wall panels that provide superior insulation capabilities. 

cleanroom wall panels

Modular Cleanrooms

From simple temperature and humidity requirements to durable panels that withstand regular sanitization and wipe down requirements, PortaFab can provide the right solution for your particular application.

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