PortaFab pre-assembled buildings can be outfitted with a variety of different windows and glazing options placed in different heights within the wall panel. 

Sliding Windows

The standard windows in all PortaFab booths are horizontal sliding windows made of clear tempered safety glass. Windows are 50" from the base of the booth on the exterior and 44" from the floor in the interior of the booth. Sliding windows can also have fixed window screens attached.

Fixed Windows

If sliding windows are not wanted, fixed windows can be substituted. These windows are often used because they tend to be more secure than the sliding windows.
However, any booth with only fixed windows cannot be used for any type of transactions like in a parking lot booth or ticket booth.

Windowless Wall Panel

A solid wall panel can be substituted for a window panel in virtually any booth sold.  These solid panels are often used for booths that will be positioned directly against another building or structure as well as larger booths that feature bathrooms, storage areas or any other private areas.

Ticket Windows

Ticket windows are outfitted with a hole for speaking to customers and then another opening at the base of the windows in order to pass transactional items like money and tickets through the window. One or multiple ticket windows can be added to almost any booth.

Window Placement

Windows are typically mounted 50" from the base of the booth on the exterior and 44" from the floor in the interior of the booth - 8" above what is generally considered "countertop height level."

Windows can be lowered within the panel to 32" from the floor - more typical of a desk height level.

Glazing Options

In addition to these window options, the glass can also be customized from the standard tempered safety glass including:

  • Tinted tempered safety glass (1/4")
  • Insulated tempered safety glass (1/2")
  • Tinted insulated tempered safety glass (1/2")
  • Polycarbonate acrylic (1/4")
  • Mirrored glass (1/4")

If additional glass finishes or materials are desired, please contact PortaFab directly for an estimate.


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