360° Viewing

PortaFab booths are outfitted with windows in every panel to ensure 360° viewing. You can choose from sliding, fixed or ticket windows in a variety of glazing options and placements.

sliding booth window

Sliding Windows

Standard windows are heavy-duty, sliding windows that are lockable and pile weather-stripped. These allow for maximum air-flow and convenience. Optional window screens are also available.

fixed booth window

Fixed Windows

Pre-assembled buildings can also be outfitted with heavy-duty fixed windows that provide an added level of security while still providing a 360° view.

ticket style booth window

Ticket Windows & Solid

Other options include ticket windows and solid panels that are ideal for booths that will be placed against a solid wall or that feature closets or bathrooms.

decorative booth diagram

Additional Options

booth window glazing example

Glazing Options

Standard glazing is 1/8” clear-tempered safety glass, but other options are available.

  • 1/8” Tinted safety glass
  • 1/8” Clear acrylic glazing
  • 1/4” Tinted acrylic glazing
  • 1/2” Clear insulated glass
  • 1/2” Tinted insulated glass
  • 1/4” Clear polycarbonate
  • 1/4” Tinted polycarbonate
booth window placement diagram

Window Placement Options

Standard placement is 50” from the base of the booth exterior or 44” from interior floor. Custom placement options are available.

  • As an optional placement, windows can be lowered within the panel to 32” from the floor - more typical of a desk height level.

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