PortaFab's modular inplant offices provide facility owners with unlimited flexibility to respond quickly and cost-effectively to changing business needs.


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Respond to Changing Business Needs

Below are some of the more pertinent benefits of utilizing PortaFab's office systems.

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Increase Productivity and Communication

Our inplant offices enable important team members to be on the floor with manufacturing and assembly operations. Many companies are choosing to move engineering and operations employees closer to manufacturing areas to reduce costs and increase exposure and communication between these important groups.


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Enhance Operations

Modular inplant offices also provide an effective way to expand office space within the existing footprint of a property. By building with modular materials as opposed to traditional construction methods, there is minimum disruption to the existing plant operations.


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Structural Integrity

The heart of any inplant office is its framing system and our OmniFlex leads the industry. Its stud sections physically connect back-to-back providing the strongest load bearing system on the market. The unique double layer steel studs provide more strength at a lower cost than single layer studs and the rolled ends reduce tear risks during assembly.


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Ease of Expansion

Because of the flexibility of modular construction, if the space needs to be expanded, renovated, relocated or minimized in the future, the features can be reconfigured instead of needing to completely rebuild the space.



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Quick-Ship Factory Offices


Warehouse Offices in 5 Days

Our popular "Quick-Ship" program capitalizes on our integrated modular system design and interchangeability of parts which allows us to ship 80% of our in-plant office orders within 5 days of order approval.

  • 30 Standard Sizes – from 8’ x 8’ to 20’ x 40’
  • 8’ or 9’ wall height
  • 3 Standard Colors – Grey, White & Champagne
  • Numerous door, window, HVAC and other options
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Case Studies

CMM Room Mining Equipment, factory office, factory offices, office in factory

Case in Point #1

Packers Plus is a major manufacturer and innovator of open-hole multi-stage completion systems designed for technically challenging high pressure well applications within the oil and gas industry. Based on their desire to continuously improve the level of innovation and quality of their products, our client required the installation of environmental enclosures within their facility in order to protect and preserve sensitive equipment and processes. The benefits provided:

  • Effective environmental control to protect processes within CMM room 
  • Additional office space by expanding vertically
  • Improved throughput through addition of QA/QC lab
  • Maximize vertical space, minimizing impact to valuable plant floor space
CMM Room Measuring Machine, modular office, modular offices, modular factory office, office in factory, factory office

Case in Point #2

The Air National Guard required the creation of a new structure within their existing facility to house classrooms, conference rooms, offices and space for ongoing physical fitness training. PortaFab worked with our distributor to coordinate the integration of each space and its intended use. Modular systems are considered "equipment" by the government, which provides funds for new equipment purchased for military use. Based on this work, our distributor provided their client with brand new office space and training areas for their team. The benefits provided:

  • 2-story mezzanine with offices and training areas
  • Financial savings with modular construction
  • Ease of procurement
  • Integration of modular systems with mezzanine manufacturer