Standard & Customizable

Each booth is outfitted with its own circuit breaker box, outlets and switches. All conduit and wiring is surface mounted and installed in compliance with the National Electrical Code using components bearing the UL label.

  • Booths comes standard with a light switch or pull chain depending on the number of fixtures.
  • Single-phase 100-amp capacity load center with 70-amp main and 3 circuit breakers
  • Booths are outfitted with 110-volt 15-amp duplex outlets and a 220-volt 20-amp single outlet as specified
  • Each booth is equipped with (24” or 48”) overhead lighting features. Smaller booths feature a single light while larger booths have up to 4 light fixtures.
diagram of typical booth electrical system with markers to highlight the features listed in accompanying text
decorative icon for electrical components

Electrical Component Integration

Electrical components are typically integrated into booths as shown below, but placement can be modified to meet your specific needs.

electrical toggle switch example
Toggle Switch
electrical HVAC outlet and circuit breaker box example
HVAC Cutout & CB Box
electrical circuit breaker box example
CB Box
electrical duplex outlets example
Duplex Outlets
decorative icon for electrical access panels

Electrical Access Panel

An optional 4’ x 6” electrical access panel can be cut out and installed into the building floor. Location of the cutout is limited to areas that will not interfere with the 4” x 3” base angle supports.

decorative icon for electrical system options

Electrical System Options

200 amp circuit box icon

200 amp circuit box

110 volt outlet icon

Extra 110 volt outlet

220 volt outlet icon

Extra 220 volt outlet

conduit run icon

Empty conduit runs

GFI outlet icon

GFI outlets

flame icon

Explosion proof electrical

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