Animal Housing Labs and Vivariums

PortaFab animal housing labs and vivarium facilities are designed to integrate with operative research equipment. Our modular labs are designed to meet your requirements providing an effective alternative to conventional construction reducing costs, mess and time delays. The labs provide flexibility and can be modified or moved to expand with facility needs.

PortaFab Bioline Walls are available in a wide range of finishes including fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), PVC, epoxy painted aluminum, stainless steel. Our durable wall and ceilings help provide an impervious surface for cleaning and disinfection as well as:

  • Rigid construction to withstand damage due to personnel, equipment, and cleaning and disinfection agents
  • Cleanable surfaces that will not harbor dirt and other contaminates
  • Better lighting level by reflecting light from electric fixtures
  • Color and texture, improving the visual character of the facility
  • Bulkhead openings for equipment pass-thrus