Dividing plant space into manufacturing cells with wall partitions creates defined areas while still maintaining one large space. Using wall partitions instead of fully constructed walls enables facilities to maintain existing HVAC and lighting systems yet keeps individual areas contained.

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Standard Weight

Industrial wall partitions need to meet the industry standard of 5 lbs per lateral load for walls over 60 inches. Many commercial partitions do not meet these requirements.


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Fire Retardant

The materials used in commercial panels such as cloth are often not as fire retardant as desired for manufacturing, assembly or other manufacturing facilities.


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Fire & Sound Partitions

PortaFab’s wall partitions can be customized to be all steel or Fire and Sound partitions. These panels are designed to stand up to the conditions in an industrial facility.

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Manufacturing Cells - Implementation

With a vast variety of applications and customizable options, PortaFab's Modular Manufacturing Cells are perfect for sectioning off areas of a plant, warehouse, or manufacturing facility and creating a defined, unique space.


A Case in Point - Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company's stamping plant wanted to create an enclosed area that would both partition and display an innovative new manufacturing technology. A locally certified PortaFab Distributor worked with PortaFab's engineering team to create an optimal solution that satisfies every one of Ford's specific needs while still utilizing PortaFab's pre-engineered components.

The goal was to essentially create a “Center of Excellence” within the existing manufacturing plant that met these specifications: Freestanding, standalone wall system with a height of 10', wall panels and glass that could withstand an industrial environment, optimum visibility, easy to clean, integrated doors for heavy equipment, and angled corners.

manufacturing cell walls

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