With proven, long-term success supplying wall systems for all types manufacturing and industrial environments, PortaFab has developed a number of panels designed specifically for spaces requiring an extra level of durability and ruggedness. Here are some of our more popular industrial wall panels.

Fire & Sound with Steel

Fire & Sound with Steel Exterior

Ideal for inplant buildings and walls separating manufacturing space from offices, these panels feature our proven, Fire & Sound panel with a painted steel exterior for added durability.

Steel Fire and Sound

Steel Fire and Sound

Often used when segmenting sections of a warehouse or manuacturing operation, these rugged wall panels feature a polystyrene core sandwiched between gypsum and steel sheets.

Steel Thermal Wall

Steel Thermal

Designed for demanding environments also requiring a thermal insulation, these panels feature a polyisocyanurate core sandwiched between two sheets of steel and achieve R-values of 22 to 29 depending on the thickness of the panel.

Steel Walls

SteelSpan "All in One" Wall System


Insulated Metal Panels

The “All in One” Wall System

The SteelSpan “all in one” panel is an innovative modular wall system that does not require a framing system. Its innovative design is ideal for effectively and economically dividing your plant space from floorto roof or for creating ceilings and roofs in commercial and industrial buildings.

The non-combustible panels are constructed of a polyurethane insulating core with excellent insulation values. SteelSpan panels are light weight, yet structurally strong and feature a one-piece construction that makes assembly quick and cost-effective.

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