In addition to our line of Standard “Quick Ship” Modular Offices, PortaFab offers pre-engineered systems that will allow you to transform and utilize your space more effectively. We offer the most extensive selection of modular framing systems, interchangeable wall panels, and accessories in the industry - providing you with complete flexibility and customization for your next project.


Construction Made Easy

By using pre-engineered components that integrate seamlessly and employing an in-house team of engineers skilled in modular office and building design, PortaFab can help you...

  • Streamline Design
  • Reduce Costs
  • Provide Ongoing Flexibility


modular construction video thumbnail

Modular Framing Systems

At the heart of every modular wall system lies the metal stud framing. Not only does this provide the structural integrity for the entire office or enclosure, but it also makes the system relocatable, attractive and easy to assemble. With multiple framing systems and our SteelSpan “All-in- One” wall system, you can rest assured that PortaFab will have the right solution for your application.

System Wall Thickness Max Height Load-bearing Stud Design Frame Finish
OmniFlex 3" 18' Yes 2 Piece Steel
2 Cover Plates
Gray or White
Series 300 3" 18' Yes 2 Piece Aluminum
1 Cover Plate
Anodized Aluminum or Painted (Gray or White)
PortaMax 458S 4-⅝" 24' Yes 3 Piece Steel
2 cover plates
Gray or White
PortaMax 600S 6" 35' Yes 3 Piece Steel
2 Cover Plates
Gray or White
PortaMax 458A 4-⅝" 23' Yes 2 Piece Aluminum
1 Cover Plate
Anodized Aluminum or Painted (Gray or White)
SteelSpan 3 - 6" 50'+ No No Stud Required Baked Polyester

Unlimited Configurations

PortaFab’s modular building systems can be easily incorporated into a wide variety of designs to maximize space, minimize costs and provide nearly unlimited flexibility.

two wall modular building system

2-Wall Unit

three wall modular building system

3-Wall Unit

four wall modular building system

4-Wall Unit

modular offices on top of mezzanine


two-story modular building


mezzanine storage top with offices underneath

Storage Top


Modular Panels for Building

With PortaFab’s “Post-and-Panel” design, each framing system can be outfitted with composite wall panels designed for applications ranging from basic inplant offices to sophisticated cleanrooms and controlled environments. Listed here are some of our standard wall panels, but we can also customize panels to yoru specific needs.

fire and sound wall panel

Fire & Sound (F&S)

frp fire and sound wall panel

FRP Fire & Sound

steel fire and sound wall panel

Steel Fire & Sound

frp thermal wall panel

FRP Thermal

hollow cavity wall panel

Hollow Cavity Wall

aluminum honeycomb wall panel

Aluminum Honeycomb

steel thermal wall panel

Steel Thermal

steel sound wall panel

Steel Sound


Additional Components

modular building for break room


Windows are an integral part of any design as they can help create a more open and engaging atmosphere, make spaces more environmentally friendly or add to the aesthetics of the work space. PortaFab offers numerous styles, sizes and glazing options for virtually any application.

modular building with roll up door


Whether you need to provide much greater control over the new environment you're creating or just want to control access better, PortaFab's team of in-house engineers can work with you to integrate all types of roll-up, sliding and specialty doors.

modular building with storage on top

Roofs and Ceilings

PortaFab's standard modular offices feature a ribbed steel roof deck that lies within the cornice mold to provide a clean and professional look.  However, load-bearing and roofless options are available along with multiple ceiling grid options.

modular electrical system

Electrical and Lighting

PortaFab modular offices and inplant buildings are designed to accommodate standard electrical components and fluorescent light fixtures. OmniFlex, Series 300, and all PortaMax systems feature studs with wiring raceways that make installing electrical, voice, and data systems easy.

modular building

Climate Control

PortaFab modular buildings can accommodate a wide variety of systems to control temperature, humidity, and air quality. Small, inplant offices are often outfitted with wall-mounted units while larger installations can integrate with centralized HVAC systems to control the environment.

drawing of two-story modular building

Custom Solutions

Need to integrate a mezzanine office into your design or outfit your new inplant building with a material lift? Our team of in-house engineers can help you take full advantage of the flexibility of our modular building systems.

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