As the focus on quality and consistency throughout entire operations continues to increase, the need for dedicated packaging rooms has evolved. In certain industries like Pharmaceutical manufacturing, there are strict guidelines that must be achieved. PortaFab Modular Wall Systems and Modular Buildings provide the ideal solutions for fast and efficient installation of packaging rooms. 


Common Applications

There are many industries that utilize environmentally controlled packaging rooms and packing areas to ensure quality and consistency.  Common applications include:

  • Medical Products and Components
  • Food Packaging
  • Electronics
  • Pharmaceuticals
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Demising Walls for Environmental Control

PortaFab's modular building systems are used to create demising walls between the manufacturing and packaging processes to achieve better environmental control.



A Case in Point - Crown Holdings

Crown Holdings, based in Philadelphia, PA, is a leader in metal packaging for the food, beverage, household, industrial, health, and beauty industries. The company manufactures cans, closures, other aerosols, beverage, food, and specialty packaging items that are made out of metal.

The company needed to construct an isolated room that would comply with EPA regulations related to VOC's in the air generated by its baby food can lid printing and manufacturing room. Crown Holdings is committed to the environment and green initiatives so the company explored the benefits of modular construction vs. traditional construction methods. Benefits include:

  • Divided packaging area from the rest of the facility
  • Contained noise and particles
  • Operator could oversee production from outside of packaging area


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