Step 1: Choose a Configuration

Depending on where you plan to use your new office, there are 6 common configuration options:

2-Wall Unit

2-Wall Unit

3-Wall Unit

3-Wall Unit

4-Wall Unit

4-Wall Unit

Mezzanine Unit


Two-Story Office Unit


Office with Storage Space

Storage Top

modular building

Step 2: Choose the Dimensions of the Room/Office

Standard wall panels are four feet wide, but can be cut to your desired width to make offices in almost any dimensions. It is important to note that exterior dimensions are 4.5 inches longer than nominal dimensions. Therefore, a 12' x 12' modular office has exterior dimensions of 12'-4.5" x 12'-4.5".To determine the optimal office for your facility, we suggest you do the following:

  • Determine the contents of the room.
  • Measure these contents.
  • Use the PortaFab Room Planner to layout your room.
  • Ensure that the dimensions chosen (along with the 4.5" exterior extensions) fit in the area chosen.
Series 300 Framing System

Step 3: Choose a Framing System

The next step in configuring a modular office is to identify the best framing system for your application. The OmniFlex system is ideal for most applications as it combines an attractive appearance with a high level of functionality, but PortaFab offers a number of different systems specific applications.


Step 4: Choose Wall Panels

For most applications, Fire & Sound panels are the ideal option. These panels provide sound and thermal insulation and have a class-A non-combustible rating. They come standard with a durable vinyl surface in champagne, grey, or white. We have many other panels and colors are available.

Fire and Sound

Fire & Sound

Steel Fire and Sound

Steel Fire & Sound

FRP Fire and Sound

FRP Fire & Sound

FRP Thermal

FRP Thermal

Steel Thermal

Steel Thermal

Aluminum Honeycomb

Alum. Honeycomb

Roof and Ceiling Options

Step 5: Review Roof and Ceiling Options

Most offices will utilize a 22 gauge corrugated "B" deck painted and cut to length that supports a drop ceiling of 2' x 4' mineral fiber board ceiling tiles on a white steel grid system. Optional ceiling tiles, insulation, and support beams are available as required by the application.


Step 6: Choose Windows

Standard fixed windows are 4 feet wide x 3 feet tall or 2 feet wide x 3 feet tall with 1/4" clear tempered safety glass. Sliding windows and other custom sizes and glasses are also available.


Step 7: Choose Doors

Standard doors are 3070 x 1-3/4" and 6070 x 1-3/4" insulated (R12) units pre-hung in 18 gauge steel door frames. The doors feature commercial quality stainless steel key-in-knob locksets with a 2-3/4" back set and mortised face plate and can be outfitted with various glazing options.

Electrical and Lighting

Step 8: Electrical and Lighting

Most units come standard with 2 x 4 fluorescent light fixtures that fit into the standard ceiling grid. Other light options are available upon request.


Step 9: Climate & Environmental Control

While many in-plant office and building installations will be integrated with centralized HVAC systems, we offer a number of other alternatives for controlling teh temperature and other elements of the space. 

Integrated HVAC

Wall Unit


Fan Filter Unit

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