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PortaFab's extensive line of modular wall systems serve both temporary and permanent office partition needs. Industrial-grade and built to last, these modular walls surpass traditional partitions in durability, meet load-bearing standards, and offer customizable panel options. PortaFab's modular office walls provide a flexible, easily reconfigurable solution that facilitates quick installation and removal as required.

Benefits of PortaFab Modular Office Walls


5-Day Quick-Ship

Standard modular offices ship in as little as 5 days.

Fast, Clean Installation

Avoid the mess with off-site fabrication. Install it yourself or local installation available.

Turnkey Solution

No need for an architect or other trades. 

Environmental Impact

Our pre-engineered systems reduce construction waste.


Adjust easily to irregularities in heights (uneven ceilings).


Easily expand, relocate, or reuse to keep up with your expanding business.


Standard "Quick-Ship" Modular Office Walls


5-Day “Quick-Ship” Program

PortaFab's "Quick-Ship" program leverages our integrated modular system design and interchangeable parts, enabling us to ship 80% of our in-plant office orders within 5 days of order approval.

  • 30 Standard Sizes – from 8’ x 8’ to 20’ x 40’
  • 8’ or 9’ wall height
  • 2 Standard Colors – Gray or White
  • Numerous door, window, HVAC and other options
prefabricated modular office walls

Customize Your Modular Office Walls

PortaFab's modular office walls can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Choose from standard or custom colors, panel options (including glass, solid, and soundproof panels), and load-bearing capabilities. PortaFab's modular office solutions can integrate seamlessly with existing lighting, HVAC, and fire suppression systems.


Two-Story Modular Office Wall Configurations


Whether you need to partition a space within a larger facility or create a standalone office complete with a ceiling and mechanical integration, PortaFab has you covered. Our inplant and modular offices can even be designed as two-story units, mounted on mezzanines, or integrated into large buildings.

modular office building walls


Q: Why should I choose modular office walls over traditional construction (drywall)?
A: Choose PortaFab's modular office walls for their quick and clean installation, tax advantages, unmatched flexibility, and the convenience of a single-source supplier, eliminating the need for coordinating multiple trades.

Q: How quickly can modular walls be installed?
A: Most installations are completed within a few days, depending on the project size. PortaFab offers local installation.

Q: Can I install the walls myself?
A: Yes, you can install PortaFab's modular office walls yourself by following our installation instructions.

Q: Can PortaFab's modular office walls be used as temporary office space?
A: Yes, PortaFab's modular office walls can be used as temporary office walls, offering a flexible and easily reconfigurable solution that can be quickly installed and removed as needed.

Q: Can the walls be relocated?
A: Yes, PortaFab's modular office walls are designed for easy relocation and reconfiguration.

Q: Are there customization options available?
A: Absolutely. PortaFab offers a variety of door and window options, panels, and configurations to suit your needs. Our in-house engineers and design team can assist with integrating these components into your modular office system.

Q: Do you provide drawings and/or permitting?
A: PortaFab will handle everything from design assistance to permitting and installation. Please contact us or request a quote to get started.

Q: What about electrical and climate control systems?
A: PortaFab's modular office wall systems can utilize existing HVAC and lighting systems or be can outfitted with a pre-engineered "snap together" modular wiring system. Small offices are often outfitted with wall-mounted units while larger installations typically integrate with centralized HVAC systems.

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