PortaFab's modular guard booths can be customized with roof options.

Integral Roof System:

  • 3" overhang
  • Standard gutters with pre-drilled hole for drainage
  • Optional downspouts
  • Installed within the factory

K-D Roof System:

  • Maximum 24" overhang without support.
  • Larger overhangs possible with support columns. (As seen to the right)
  • Gutters standard.
  • Downspouts and drainage holes can be installed on site.
  • Ships knocked down to be assembled on site.

Tapered Roofs

  • Will slope at 1/8" per foot maximum.
  • Includes insulated roof with a taper.
  • Roof will be installed at the factory

Option: Downspouts

Four downspouts can be added to the structure in order to control the drainage of rain from the booth's roof system.


booth roofs


KD roof


tapered guard booth roofs


booth roof downspouts

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