Multiple Roofing Options

PortaFab's preassembled booths and guard booths can be outfitted with a variety of roofing options to accommodate a wide variety of applications.

standard integral roof option

Integral Roof

A factory-installed integral roof consisting of 5/8” board with vapor barrier on the exterior surface.

  • 3” Overhang
  • Aluminum gutters around entire building perimeter with pre-drilled hole for drainage
  • Optional downspouts
knockdown (k-d) roof option for variable overhang

Knockdown (K-D) Roof

An exterior, overhanging roof shipped “Knocked Down” to be installed on site.

  • Maximum 24” overhang without support
  • Larger overhangs possible with support columns
  • Extruded aluminum fascia and gutter trim
  • Optional downspouts

Gutters are standard on both buildings. The Integral roof will come with a pre-drilled hole for drainage. The K D Roof will require the hole to be drilled in the field. Downspouts are an option and will ship loose to be installed in the field.



integral roofing for booth

Integral Roof System

Installed at the factory with a 3” overhang.

knockdown (kd) roofing for booth

K D Roof System

Ships knocked down to be installed on site. The KD Roof System has a 24” overhang maximum. Larger overhangs are possible put will require columns.

integral roofing for booth

Indoor Roof System

For booths that will only be used in an indoor environment, we offer a cost effective, integrated wood covering that serves as a basic cover for the building.

decorative booth roofing diagram

Overhang Options

The PortaFab K-D Roof System can be configured in a variety of manners to accommodate your specific application.

knockdown roof with standard overhang

Standard Overhang

The standard overhang roof option extends up to a maximum 24” on each side of the booth.

knockdown roof with extra overhang

Extra Overhang

Overhangs that extend beyond 24” are possible, but typically require the use of support columns.

knockdown roof with extended overhang on a single side

One-Sided Overhang

Booths can also be outfitted with roofs that overhang on only one side.

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