Integral Roof

A factory-installed integral roof consisting of 5/8” board with vapor barrier on the exterior surface.

  • 3” Overhang
  • Aluminum gutters around entire building perimeter with pre-drilled hole for drainage
  • Optional downspouts

Knockdown (K-D) Roof

An exterior, overhanging roof shipped “Knocked Down” to be installed on site.

  • Mazimum 24” overhang without support
  • Larger overhangs possible with support columns
  • Extruded aluminum fascia and gutter trim
  • Optional downspouts

Roof Options

Tapered Roof (1/8” Over 1”)

Tapered style roofs and other custom roofs and fascias are easily incorporated into a modular building design.

Indoor Roof

For booths that will only be used in an indoor environment, we offer a cost effective, integrated wood covering that serves as a basic cover for the building.