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Booth Specs & Options

PortaFab booths feature pre-engineered designs and a full array of modular components so that you can outfit your booth to your specific needs.

Booth Framing Options


Simply put, PortaFab’s rugged booths are built to last. Their sturdy all-welded framing ensures a structural integrity that outperforms competing booths that use pop-rivets or other fasteners.

Booth Wall and Ceiling Panel Options

Wall & Ceiling Panels

Booths come standard with textured FRP wall and ceiling panels specified for their excellent durability, weatherability and low maintenance requirements.

Booth Flooring Options


Standard flooring options include our slip-resistant, aluminum tread plate panels ideal for high-traffic industrial environments and our durable, yet cost-effective vinyl flooring.

Booth Window Options


All booths come standard with tempered safety glass windows installed in every panel to ensure 360° viewing. You can choose from sliding, fixed or ticket windows in a variety of glazing options and placements.

Booth Door Options


Standard booths feature standard swing or sliding doors depending on their size, but can be outfitted with custom doors and accessorized with special locks, closers and louvers.

Booth Roofing Options


Multiple roofing options are available to accommodate outdoor and indoor environments as well as your needs for a wide variety of overhang options.

Booth Electrical Options


Each booth is outfitted with its own circuit breaker box, outlets and switches. All conduit and wiring is surface mounted and installed in compliance with the National Electrical Code using components bearing the UL label.

Booth Climate Control Options

Climate Control

PortaFab booths can be designed for year-round comfort with optional insulated wall panels and a variety of heating and cooling options.

Booth Lighting Options


Each booth is equipped with standard (24” or 48”) overhead fluorescent lights, but booths can be outfitted with optional LED lights, exterior spotlights and more.

Booth Portability Options


For booths that will need to be moved on a regular or semi-regular basis, booths can be outfitted with forklift pockets or lifting rings to provide more permanent portability.

Booth Shelf and Drawer Options

Shelves and Drawers

Booths can be accessorized with both indoor and outdoor shelves as well as a variety of cash and transaction drawers for cashier, parking attendant and ticket booths.

Booth Accessories Options

Options & Accessories

Need some other options? Our engineering team can integrate everything from mezzanines and platforms to intercom systems and cigarette urns.

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