Cool Down Rooms

Operations completed in high temperature or high humidity areas, or work that requires direct contact with hot objects have a high potential for creating heat stress in employees. Some of the more common environments associated with heat-related injuries include those related to iron and steel fabrication, nonferrous foundries, brick and ceramic plants, glass and rubber manufacturing, boiler rooms, chemical plants, mining sites and smelters.

In accordance with OSHA guidelines (link), worker cool rooms are an effective solution to prevent heat-related injuries (heat stress, exhaustion, fainting or heat stroke, etc.) and are a much more economical alternative than trying to control the temperature of a large area like a warehouse or manufacturing plant. While some facilities may choose to run a portable AC unit within the open warehouse as a solution, our standard offices provide a more energy efficient solution by enclosing the area to be controlled, versus endlessly expending energy by running an AC unit within a plant.

Offices can be equipped with insulated panels and air conditioning units (ceiling or wall mounted) to ensure the booth economically and efficiently maintains the desired temperature inside, while external temperatures outside remain uncontrolled.