Worker Cool Down Rooms offer a fast and affordable solution to help workers stay cool. Available as modular or preassembled buildings, these rooms can be installed quickly and easily with minimal disruption to operations and can be placed almost anywhere in a facility.

Refreshingly Cool Benefits:

  • Prevent Temperature-Related Illnesses & Absence
  • Reduce Turnover & Increase Job Satisfaction
  • Create an Attractive Workplace Perk
  • Boost Employee Morale & Performance
  • Fulfill Union Agreements
  • Provide Escape from High-Noise Areas
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  • cool down area
  • cool down booth
  • cool down room

Give Workers a Place to Cool Down

Operations completed in high temperature or high humidity areas, or work that requires direct contact with hot objects have a high potential for creating heat stress in employees. Cool down areas give workers a place to cool down.

Comply with OSHA Guidelines

In accordance with OSHA guidelines, cool down areas are an effective solution to prevent heat-related injuries (heat stress, exhaustion, fainting or heat stroke, etc.) and are a much more economical alternative than trying to control the temperature of a large area like a warehouse or manufacturing plant.

While some facilities may choose to run a portable AC unit within the open warehouse as a solution, our Cool Down Rooms and Booths provide a more energy efficient solution by enclosing the area to be controlled, versus endlessly expending energy by running an AC unit within a plant.

worker cool down area

Year-Round Comfort

Rooms can be equipped with insulated panels and multiple climate control options to maintain the desired temperature inside economically and efficiently.

Wall Unit

Baseboard Heater

Integrated HVAC


Multiple Cool Down Building Options

Worker cool down areas can be quickly and easily erected using our standard modular wall and ceiling systems or by purchasing a PortaFab pre-assembled booth.

cool down room

Inplant Building Option

  • Interior use only
  • Pre-engineered modular components
  • Numerous door, window, and other options
  • 30 standard sizes or custom sizes
cool down booth

Pre-Assembled Booth Option

  • Interior or exterior use
  • Shipped fully assembled
  • Forklift and crane options for portability
  • 19 pre-assembled sizes from 3' x 6' to 8' x 16'

Multi-Use Applications

Larger inplant buildings are often utilized for break rooms and lunchrooms that provide employees a clean, quiet, and relaxing atmosphere where they can eat meals and recharge.

warm up booth

Warm Up Areas

Some employees may spend 8 or more hours inside cold environments that are usually kept at very cold temperatures. Warm Up Rooms can be outfitted with insulated wall panels and several different options to satisfy heating and ventilation needs.

break room

Break Rooms

These rooms can help increase worker productivity by not only providing a clean and comfortable rest area, but by reducing the need for workers to travel far to take their breaks.

lunch room


With PortaFab's modular building systems, lunchrooms and cafeterias can be constructed in a fraction of the time involved with conventional construction.

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