Other Sites of Interest

We at PortaFab are always open to sharing information on related products or services with our customers. If you have a site that would be of interest to those involved in industrial space utilization, cleanroom design and operation, construction, office design, or anything related to our line of preassembled booths and shelters, please let us know.

Polyonics Cleanroom Labels - Manufacturer of labels for use in cleanroom packaging applications.

Milholland & Assoc. - Dan C. Milholland is nationally recognized for his expertise in HEPA/ULPA filter testing and cleanroom contamination control in the semiconductor, aerospace, and pharmaceutical industries.

Security Guard Management - Offers training videos, manuals, and software for security guard companies.

Reed Rubber Extrusions & Gaskets - Manufactures custom rubber extrusions and window gaskets for use with all types of curtain wall and other specialty construction.

Contractor Resources: Websites4Contractors - A web design and marketing firm specializing in providing lead resources and business solutions for all building and construction professionals.

Cleanroom Packaging - UFP Technologies fabricates and manufactures medical packaging from various foam and plastic materials.

Acoustical Consultant - AcoustiControl assists architects and real estate developers with noise control solutions including modular offices.

Clean Room Pipe Insulation – T-Tubes™ are an advanced tube and pipe insulation system specifically developed for process lines and equipment in clean room environments.