Our durable, pre-assembled buildings are ideal for security booth applications. These booths can be located inside or out, equipped with the latest in security technology and integrated with access control and gate control systems.

By supplying your guards with a security booth, they will have a home base for their operations and they will be protected from the elements instead of having to sit out in the hot or cold all day.

All booths are shipped fully equipped and ready for instant use. They can be installed almost anywhere and can be easily relocated if your needs change.

Other features include:

  • All-welded aluminum construction
  • Full 360° visibility
  • Double-sliding tempered safety glass windows
  • Electrical outlets and lighting
  • Heavy duty doors.

In addition to the standard items that are included for booths, there are many accessories that can be added to security booths to make them more functional, including:

  • Glass glazing options, including tinted glass
  • Glass material options such as bullet resistant polycarbonate acrylic
  • Spotlights
  • Roof overhangs
  • Intercom systems
  • Cameras

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security booth

Security booth outfitted with gate control systems.

security booth

Security booths can be outfitted with spotlights, surveillance cameras and other specialty equipment, as needed.

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