GMP Rooms

Even though our cleanroom systems can be used to create highly-advanced critical environments, this type of application is typically a smaller percentage of the cleanroom market that we serve. The majority of our products are used by manufacturers seeking to adhere to current GMP (good manufacturing practices) and standards through the use of quality control rooms, also known as "GMP rooms".

Our modular wall systems are ideal for building GMP rooms to house machinery, safely store equipment, contain specific processes and other end-applications including:

  • Quality Control & Inspection Rooms
  • Machine & Equipment Enclosures
  • Sensitive Goods & Equipment Storage
  • Powder Coating Enclosures
  • Industrial Paint Application Rooms
  • Packaging & Printing Areas

Do you need to maintain greater control over environmental conditions like air quality, humidity and temperature? Manufacturers in various industries have utilized PortaFab's modular systems to create GMP rooms that will;

  • Help improve product quality
  • Maintain process consistency
  • Increase product yield
  • Enhance safety and security

The Modular Advantage

Our wall systems and components provide a wide-range of benefits due to their modular design and non-progressive nature including:

  • Reduced labor costs
  • Quick and clean installation
  • Low mess
  • Tax advantages

Read more about the benefits of modular construction.

gmp room food packaging

GMP enclosure for the mixing and packaging of food products.


gmp room printing process

Clean area for printing and packaging.


gmp painting enclosure

GMP room used to enclose painting processes.

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Whether you need a GMP clean room to house processes or simply serve to enhance quality control within your facility, we have a range of solutions.

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