Our client, a major food company, manufactures over 600 different line items, including gourmet sauces, soup bases, pancake syrups, flavorings, extracts and food colorings. When the client acquired a new facility, the concern for contamination and mold growth during the food processing development was high. They needed a cleanroom that would not only limit contamination from outside sources, but also allow for extensive cleaning.

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Project Overview

Application: Cleanrooms for Achieving USDA Compliance in Mixing and Packaging
Product: PM458 XTRA TALL Wall System

Benefits Provided:

  • Quality control
  • USDA compliance
  • Improved product yield
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The Challenge

From an architectural perspective, the cleanroom had to integrate into the facility which featured 18-foot ceilings including a 17-foot wall on a 1-foot high curb. To accommodate operating goals, the room required double swing impact doors (8-feet wide by 10-feet high) and the ability to be cleaned very easily. Finally, since the client did not own the new facility, they also wanted to utilize modular components that could be take with them should they need to move the operation in the future.

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The Solution

The client contacted one of PortaFab's distributors with their need for a "wipe down room" and PortaFab's design team went to work on determining the right solution for their application. As the client evaluated a number of options, PortaFab's solution was the only one among its competitors to offer a wall system that would accommodate the client's 17-foot wall on a 1-foot high curb as well as its need for "relocatability" and "cleanability."


With the capability to create walls as high as 24 feet and accommodate the large double doors, the PM458 Wall System seemed the ideal fit, but neither PortaFab nor its distributor had come across a situation where such a tall room needed to be completely cleanable. This opened a window for learning and problem solving from both companies.

Through research and discussion, PortaFab was able to implement the PM458 Aluminum XTRA TALL Wall System running all electrical wires, air lines, water lines and a centralized-vacuum system throughout the posts/studs of the PortaMax walls. This allowed the interior walls to be seamless making them completely cleanable. In addition, installation was completed on a timely basis at the client's new facility and no production time was lost.

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