All booths come with support boards that are attached to the booth for delivery. These support boards need to be removed upon installation.

Many times, customers need the option to move booths on a consistent basis. As a result, there are a variety of portability options available including:

Forklift pockets

Forklift pockets are permanently installed within a booth so that it can be moved on a regular basis. These are often used for booths that are relocated on construction sites. Often, booths that are used as ticket booths often have forklift pockets added as well so that the booths can be relocated as needed.

forklift pockets

Lifting rings (set of 4)

Lifting rings enable booths to be connected and lifted by cranes. This feature is also often used for booths that are on site in construction sites or within major facilities. Lifting rings also aid with the initial placement of the booth after it is delivered.

lifting rings

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