PortaFab offers 19 standard prefabricated booths ranging in size from 3’ x 4’ to 8’ x 16’ with a choice of three roof styles, sliding or winging doors and many other options. Standard aluminum models are typically shipped within 4 to 6 weeks and can be operating within minutes of delivery.

Booths can also be customized. Please view our standard booth options or fill out our booth quote form and a PortaFab representative will contact you for a customized price quote. You can also visit our online booth configurator for immediate pricing.

booth pricing image


Sizes for Any Application

3x5 sliding

3’ x 5’ Sliding

3x6 swing

3’ x 6’ Swing

3x6 sliding

3’ x 6’ Sliding

4x3 swing

4’ x 3’ Swing

4x4 swing

4’ x 4’ Swing

4x6 sliding

4’ x 6’ Sliding

4x6 swing

4’ x 6’ Swing

4x8 sliding

4’ x 8’ Sliding

5x6 swing

5’ x 6’ Swing

5x8 swing

5’ x 8’ Swing

5x10 swing

5’ x 10’ Swing

6x6 swing

6’ x 6’ Swing

6x8 swing

6’ x 8’ Swing

6x10 swing

6’ x 10’ Swing

6x12 swing

6’ x 12’ Swing

8x8 swing

8’ x 8’ Swing

8x10 swing

8’ x 10’ Swing

8x12 swing

8’ x 12’ Swing

8x16 swing

8’ x 16’ Swing

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