According to OSHA, “Any process or job site that is likely to raise the workers deep core temperature (often listed as higher than 100.4 degrees F or 38°C) raises the risk of heat stress."  PortaFab Cool Down Booths offer a simple, cost effective solution to this common problem.


The Economical Alternative

In accordance with OSHA guidelines for heat stress, worker cool down rooms are an effective solution to help prevent heat-related injuries (heat stress, exhaustion, fainting or heat stroke, etc.) and are a much more economical alternative than trying to control the temperature of an entire warehouse or manufacturing operation.

OSHA Recommendation

“Provide recovery areas such as air-conditioned enclosures and rooms and provide intermittent rest periods with water breaks.” Source OSHA
cool down booth in warehouse

Year-Round Comfort

Booths can be equipped with insulated panels and wall mounted air conditioning or complete HVAC units to ensure the booth economically and efficiently maintains the desired temperature inside.

Insulated Walls

Insulated wall panels can provide additional protection from extreme temperatures.

HVAC & AC Units

PortaFab booths can be outfitted with a number of standard air conditioner and HVAC units. Wall mount AC units include: 8000 BTU–115V, 12,000 BTU–115V and 15,000 BTU–230V. AC and heater combo include 8,000, 11,000 and 15,000.

Exhaust Fans

Integrated exhaust fans provide a cost-effective method of circulating airflow and improving worker comfort.

Baseboard Heaters

For those wanting to convert the cool down room to a warm-up room in the winter, electric baseboard heaters can be surface mounted onto walls and integrated with the building’s electrical system.

example HVAC options for booths
decorative booth temperature illustration

Cool Benefits

quality icon

Attractive Workplace Perk

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Boost Morale, Performance, & Productivity

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Reduce Turnover & Increase Job Satisfaction

health icon

Prevent Temperature-Related Illnesses & Absence

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Fulfill Union Agreements

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Cost Effective vs. Cooling Entire Area (if even possible)

decorative booth roofing diagram

19 Standard Sizes

From 3' x 4' to 8' x 20'

PortaFab standard booths range from 3’ x 4’ to 8’ x 20’ as one-piece units. Custom sizes are also available. Larger sizes may require a two-piece design requiring some onsite construction.

View Sizes

examples of differing booth sizes
decorative warm up booth illustration

Additional Options


Modular Building Option

Indoor cool down rooms can be built using PortaFab's line of modular building systems. These rooms can be integrated with the facility's HVAC systems or use independent climate control systems.

You can choose from 30 standard “Quick Ship” buildings ranging in size from 8 x 8 to 20 x 40 or create a completely customized solution.

larger warm-up room in factory or warehouse

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