Wall Partitions & Demising Walls

Whether you need to segment out some office space in your facility, wall off an area for better environmental control or divide plant space from floor to ceiling, PortaFab's full line of modular wall systems are ideal for all types of partitioning.

The PortaFab Advantage

PortaFab's pre-engineered wall systems eliminate many of the complexities associated with traditional construction and can be outfitted with a wide variety of wall panels including numerous sizes and style of glass.

  • Ideal for quick retrofits
  • Fast, clean installation
  • No need for contractor, architect or many other trades
  • Less complexity
  • Lower cost - especially when compared to architectural glass walls
  • Adjust easily to to irregularities in heights (uneven ceilings)
  • Sizes from free-standing 8' and 9' office partitions to 40' high floor-to-ceiling demising walls.
modular wall partitions

Partitions used to enclose manufacturing areas within a plant. Read the case study on this project.


PortaFab wall partitions and demising walls can be used in a wide variety of applications. Please browse the galleries below to view samples of how our systems have been used in these real-world applications.

XTRA-TALL Wall Systems

PortaFab XTRA-TALL wall systems offer a flexible solution for segregating plant space and achieving maximum height ranges quickly and economically. These wall systems can integrate with floor, ceiling, and mechanical components to divide plant space as well as control temperature and humidity to create clean environments.

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Freestanding Walls

PortaFab's OmniFlex wall system integrates with the free standing wall support component to create self supporting walls virtually anywhere. And meeting the 5 lb. per lateral load requirement for walls over 60", these walls are sturdier than standard office wall partitions and can stand up to wear and tear.

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