Versatile & Practical Solution for Dividing Space

PortaFab's industrial wall partitions are used to divide large spaces within factories, warehouses, and other industrial facilities into smaller areas for various purposes. Our partitions can be freestanding and come in a range of styles and sizes to suit different needs. For example, partitions can be used to separate different production areas, creating a clear division between different stages of the manufacturing process. They can also be used to create private office spaces within a larger industrial facility, providing a quiet and isolated place for employees to work.

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Quick Installation

Ideal for quick retrofits.

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Clean Installation

Fast, clean installation.

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Turnkey Solution

No need for contractor, architect or other trades.

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Especially compared to architectural glass walls.

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Adjust easily to irregularities in heights (uneven ceilings).

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Large Range of Sizes

From freestanding 8’ and 9’ office partitions to 40’ floor-to-ceiling demising walls.

modular walls for warehouse

Wall Partition Styles

We offer several different types of warehouse office partitions, including freestanding partitions, which can be easily moved and reconfigured as needed.

floor-to-ceiling wall partition


Ideal for quick retrofits, PortaFab floor-to-ceiling systems minimal or no on-site fabrication featuring an innovative C-Channel to account for ceiling irregularities.

freestanding wall partition


PortaFab freestanding walls are specified for their durability and stability - meeting the industry’s 5 lb. per lateral load requirement for walls over 60” tall.

xtra-tall industrial partition


PortaFab’s “XTRA-TALL” wall systems offer a flexible solution for segregating plant space by achieving maximum height ranges quickly and economically.

roof styles

Panel Options

From our popular glass wall partitions to wall systems designed specifically for cleanrooms and controlled environments, we offer a wide variety of panel options for your partitions.

modular office walls

Common Applications

PortaFab's wall partitions are a practical and cost-effective way to create a more functional and professional workspace within a warehouse or industrial environment.

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