With the industry’s largest selection of cleanroom wall systems, PortaFab can satisfy the requirements for any application with a cost effective solution.


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General Cleanroom Applications

Designed for applications from Class 100,000 to Class 10 environments, the S3000, P2000, and PM458 are designed to meet all the requirements of a new or existing project while providing an effective alternative to conventional construction. Cleanwalls are typically used for general purpose applications like:

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Pharmaceutical Packaging Rooms

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Machinery and Equipment Enclosures

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Paint Booths


The Cleanline Series

The CleanLine Series provides complete flexibility with demountable walls allowing panels to be modified or removed without disturbing adjacent wall panels or the ceiling.

All systems use similar components so the aesthetics are consistent throughout and both can be easily integrated with existing modular wall systems.

cleanline wall systems


Microelectronics Cleanrooms

FabLine walls provide a solution for cleanfab and cleanroom applications up to a sub-Class 1 environment. Available as: Framed Systems, Batten Systems, and Furring Systems. All three are designed to meet all the requirements of a new or existing project. They provide an effective alternative to conventional construction by reducing costs, mess, and time delays. FabLine walls are typically used in the microelectronics industry where extensive bulkheading is required because its unique design simplifies tool installations. Common applications include:

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Semiconductor and Wafer Fabrication

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Lithography Rooms

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Assembly Areas for Flat Panel Displays

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Assembly Areas for Disk Drives

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Assembly Areas Ink Jet Cartridges

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Integrated Circuits

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FabLine wall systems

FabLine wall systems offer complete flexibility with non-progressive construction allowing wall panels to be modified or removed without disturbing adjacent wall panels or the ceiling.

All systems are gasketed and utilize the same or similar components so that each system can be easily integrated with existing modular walls.

fabline wall systems

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Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms

PharmaWalls were designed specifically for biomedical and pharmaceutical applications. Common applications for PharmaWalls include:

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Pharmaceutical Facilities

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Disease Research Labs

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Vaccine Manufacturing Operations

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Aseptic Rooms



This system features a monolithic wall surface with no open seams or joints. All connections are bonded to provide an easy-to-clean surface with no areas for microorganisms to live.

pharmasystem wall systems

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