Unlimited Configurations

PortaFab’s modular building systems can be easily incorporated into a wide variety of designs to maximize space, minimize costs and provide nearly unlimited flexibility.

2 wall modular office

2-Wall Unit

2-wall units utilize existing corner walls to minimize costs while also providing an effective work area at your facility.

3 wall modular offices

3-Wall Unit

3-wall units can attach to an existing wall to cut expenses while also providing all of the flexibility you need.

4 wall modular office

4-Wall Unit

Total flexibility is yours. Design one large work area, or subdivide into separate offices. Its up to you.

modular office on mezzanine

Mezzanine Unit

Mezzanine units provide maximum use of available floor space utilizing vertical space for office areas.

modular office with storage

Office with Storage Space

Ideally suited for maximizing space in facilities with high ceilings by utilizing load-bearing roofs.

two story modular office

Two-Story Office Unit

Ideal for creating additional office space while minimizing the use of valuble floor space.