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Modular Office, Building or Wall Partition Quote

  • This PDF worksheet can be used to sketch a rough plan for your project or to gather necessary information for a more detailed quote. You can scan or take a picture and upload below.

    • Comprehensive Quote

      For a more detailed quote, please fill out the following questions.

    • If you are creating a room or enclosed area, please enter the dimensions.

    • Do you require thermal insulation?
    • Do you require sound insulation?
    • Does the office/enclosure need to be non-combustible?
    • Does the system need to be loadbearing?
    • Door Specifications:

    • Do you require door closers?
    • Do you require kick plates on the doors?
    • Do you require panic hardware?
    • Window Requirements:

    • Electrical Requirements:

    • HVAC Requirements:

    • Do you need air conditioning?
    • Do you need heating?
    • Do you need an exhaust fan?
    • Other Specifications:

    • Do you need certified drawings and calculations?
    • Will a building permit be obtained?
    • Are you a government agency that purchases on a GSA contract?