PortaFab Modular Construction vs. Conventional Construction

PortaFab Modular Building Systems simplify the construction process. Our pre-engineered systems are not only designed to be installed more quickly, easily and inexpensively than traditional construction, but they are also more flexible and environmentally friendly. 

Top 10 Reasons to Consider PortaFab's Modular Building Systems


Modular components can be easily expanded, relocated or reused. This flexibility allows them to adapt to future changes or expansion at your business.

2Quick Installation

Modular components are pre-engineered so that they can be assembled quickly during installation. A shorter install time results in a minimized effect on overall plant productivity.

3Clean Installation

Prefabricated components require minimal on-site construction and fabrication, which reduces dust and other contaminants during installation. This results in less disruption to your facility and minimizes an effect on your employee productivity.

4Reduced Construction Labor Costs

Prefabricated components install quickly and easily. A quick install results in a lower cost of labor when compared to conventional construction.

5Ease of Coordination

PortaFab supplies single source installation through a factory-trained distributor network. This provides end customers with a turnkey process that includes local support and assistance.

6Reduced Design Time

Modular components are pre-engineered. This significantly reduces the amount of engineering and architectural time required to design your building.

7Consistent Quality & Appearance

Our attractive, integrated systems are manufactured to exact specifications. Standardized modular components provide complete design consistency throughout any additions or expansions.

8Low Maintenance

Our durable, prefabricated wall panels require little maintenance beyond occasional surface cleaning. This eliminates the cost for repainting, surface repairs and other maintenance associated with conventional construction.

9Tax Advantages

Depreciation for conventional construction is 39 years, while depreciation for modular construction is only 7 years. This results in a quicker return on investment.

10Environmentally Friendly

Less construction material is wasted when building with modular components. Learn more. Companies can earn LEED points to improve their Green Building Rating.