The client specializes in the manufacturing of corrugated containers, POS displays, die cutting and a range of printed promotional products. Our client approached PortaFab with the desire to incorporate an environmental enclosure within their warehouse in order to protect expensive printing equipment and processes. After the qualification process, PortaFab then provided our distributor with the lead for this project.

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Project Overview

Application: Printing machinery enclosure and office space integrated into mezzanine
Product: OmniFlex (Gray) Fire and Sound

Benefits Provided:

  • Temperature and humidity controlled & dust-free enclosure to protect high tech equipment and process
  • Increased storage space by adding mezzanine with new offices and storage area
  • Integrated new buildings with existing buildings by matching height and connecting with enclosed catwalk
  • Added laminated glass windows to reduce noise of surrounding environment so enclosure can serve as showroom for potential clients
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The Challenge

Once the project was approved, our distributor met a few challenges head on during the installation which furthered the satisfaction of our client. First, the enclosure would need to provide safe passage of forklifts and large equipment in and out of the enclosure, while maintaining constant temperature and humidity levels inside. In order to minimize the effect on the environment during entry and exit, our distributor installed high-speed roll-up doors to minimize the cycle time of opening and closing doors. Our distributor also outfitted the doors with remote controls, allowing easy operation for forklift drivers and employees.

Located within a facility that manufactures corrugated plastics, the enclosure would be installed within an environment with high levels of noise and distraction. Since the environment inside the enclosure would need to enhance the process of high tech machinery and aid worker performance, the level of noise would need to be reduced. In addition to utilizing PortaFab’s Fire & Sound wall panels, our distributor incorporated laminated glass windows with sound deadening characteristics to further reduce the level of noise from the surrounding facility. 

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The Solution

After meeting with the client and evaluating the requirements for the new enclosure, our distributor took notice of the large amount of vertical space within the facility. Realizing the potential for vertical expansion and increased ROI, our distributor recommended expanding the enclosure by incorporating a mezzanine and second floor. The second story would allow room for additional office space within the facility, as well as an area for increased storage. 


The completed enclosure provided a spacious ground floor with 12’6” high walls, and plenty of surface area to facilitate the operation of forklifts and large-scale printing machinery. Our distributor enhanced the vertical layout of the enclosure by matching the height of the 2nd floor with the height of the existing offices in the warehouse to allow traffic between both floors. The second story featured 10-foot high walls, 3 new offices, an exterior deck for additional storage and enclosed catwalks connecting the second levels of the new and old offices.

The client was so pleased with the new enclosure, they began using the printing enclosure on the first floor as a showroom for their potential clients interested in viewing the printing process and machinery. Based on the success of this project, our distributor has also used the application for their promotional purposes – resulting in an increased interest from potential modular building customers.

Printing Machine Enclosure
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