A manager at a major automotive manufacturer had an enormous inventory control responsibility on his hands. His department stocked more than 11,000 items that ranged from 500hp motors for the auto-assembly area to basic supplies like sandpaper and staples. Keeping up with the plant's demands for spare parts was no small task as his group could not cause downtime given that operations were being pushed due to excessive demand.

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Project Overview

Application: 2,555 sq. ft. prefab building for parts storage & distribution
OmniFlex with Fire & Sound Panels

Benefits Provided:

  • Flexibility to move in future
  • Secure, enclosed area with sound control
  • Minimal disruption to plant during construction
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The Challenge

In response to worldwide demand, the manufacturing plant had increased production of one of its car models to an average output of 255 units a day and the facility was in a mode of near constant expansion. Given this, the manager needed a prefabricated building that could be constructed very quickly and then expanded and moved easily within the plant in the near future.

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The Solution

Parts storage office


Given the need for speed and flexibility, the use of prefabricated modular systems would be an ideal solution. The client also determined they would need to reduce the noise from the adjacent manufacturing area, so PortaFab's OmniFlex wall system could provide these sound control needs. After consulting with PortaFab, the client determined that the prefabricated building would need to serve as a distribution area for its employees to interact with customers, as well as a secured storage area for inventory and parts.

Parts storage office

PortaFab's Solution

The new prefab office building offered several features and benefits to the client, including:

  • A completely enclosed and secure workspace for up to 12 employees.
  • Interior lighting and sound control
  • Strategically located windows to provide visibility into the plant
  • A service window to keep interior traffic to a minimum
  • Secured storage area for parts and inventory, featuring a lockable roll-down door

The installation was completed on time and within budget, and also offered the flexibility for future changes, much to the pleasure of the client's warehouse manager.

"By taking advantage of the non-progressive features inherent in the PortaFab design, we can take the building apart piece by piece and reassemble it 500 feet across the plant floor without incurring additional costs for a contract installation crew. Plus, this can be accomplished over a weekend so we don't experience any production downtime in the plant."

Manufacturing Manager

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