A pharmaceutical company required the construction of a secured enclosure within their facility to house controlled substances and other sensitive products.

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Project Overview

Application: Secured Storage Enclosure
Product: OmniFlex Steel Fire & Sound Panels

Benefits Provided:

  • Minimized space by building vertically
  • Reduced Project Cost
  • Emphasized "green" building standards
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The Challenge

The organization had limited space within their facility, and an open area at the top of a mezzanine appeared to be the only area available to create the enclosure.

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The Solution

PortaFab utilized the OmniFlex Steel Fire & Sound panels to create a 9-foot high enclosure at the top of the mezzanine. The enclosure made use of the existing conditions within the facility by incorporating a 3-wall design that integrated with the surrounding walls. The enclosure also featured a wire cage roof, providing security for the products inside, while also making use of the existing lighting, fire suppression and HVAC systems already installed within the facility.


The Result

The construction of this new enclosure benefitted our client in numerous ways. First, by installing the enclosure upon the mezzanine and expanding vertically, our construction footprint was greatly minimized. Also, by integrating with the surrounding walls of the facility using of a 3-wall design, PortaFab conserved raw materials while constructing the enclosure. PortaFab also emphasized "green" building standards by utilizing the existing lighting, fire suppression and HVAC with the new enclosure, saving valuable resources and reducing overall project cost for the client.

Modular Secured Storage Enclosure

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