The distribution center employs hundreds of employees who work in a 24/7 operational setting. With breaks scheduled at different intervals throughout the day and night, there was a desire to offer a designated outdoor smoking shelter to provide protection from inclement weather and other environmental factors while employees are on their smoke breaks.

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Project Overview

Application: Outdoor Smoking Shelter

PortaFab Product: Pre-Assembled Shelter

Benefits Provided:

  • Greater employee satisfaction and well-being
  • Compliance with smoking laws and regulations
  • A designated area for smoke breaks
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The Challenge

With operations running nonstop, employees need a place that is set aside for them to go when on break from their shift, yet not too far away for easy use. Smoking laws in the state require a designated smoking area to protect smoking employees and non-smoking employees.

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The Solution

PortaFab’s pre-assembled, standalone smoke shelter was dropped onto an existing concrete pad, providing an immediate solution to house employees in a safe and designated place.


The shelter's framework is constructed from heavy-duty welded aluminum, ensuring superior durability compared to typical riveted structures that may loosen or break over time.

Featuring ¼” thick tempered glass, the unit provides excellent resistance against scratches and breakage while offering exceptional visibility from both the inside and outside.

The aluminum frame delivers rust-proof and weather-resistant properties, safeguarding the unit against environmental elements.

A solar panel provides reliable and environmentally-friendly lighting. As a self-sufficient system, there is no need for additional wiring, enabling the unit to operate efficiently around the clock, mirroring the facility's 24/7 schedule.

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